United Nations Commission

I am delighted and very honoured to be commissioned by the United Nations to design and produce certificates as part of the Ozone Awards, which will be presented to 197 countries on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, November 2017.

United Nations Letter.jpg

The Montreal Protocol is an international treaty that was designed to protect the ozone layer by phasing out substances that are responsible for ozone depletion.  My certificates will acknowledge those countries whose commitments and contributions to phasing out these substances, made the Montreal Protocol a global success, ultimately helping to restore the Earth's ozone layer.

I have created an original piece of art for this project, that I will incorporate into my certificate design.  

I chose a round format for the painting, to represent the global nature of the Montreal Protocol; the international commitment to meet the vision of reducing ozone depleting substances, and the world-wide impact this commitment has had on our environment and the Earth.

UN commission 3.jpg

My final painting aims to convey a sense of optimism through a universal scene of nature: Sky, land, water - elements that we can all relate to and appreciate no matter our location on Earth.

Rachel painting 2.jpg

My next step is to incorporate this painting into a certificate design that will be awarded to 197 different countries. 

My final certificate design will be revealed following the Ozone Awards ceremony at the 30th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, in November 2017. 


un painting 14 b resized for web.jpg

The painting will find its permanent home in the Nairobi United Nations Headquarters.

 - Rachel