Creative Nectar

The past several months I have given myself some space and time away from exhibiting, to step back a little, dabble and really just paint what I feel compelled to in the moment.  I’ve been getting reacquainted with my creative barometer.  For me that barometer is quite literally a little butterfly-like feeling in my belly- something that wakes up inside of me.  When I am excited by an idea or a project, those wings start fluttering away.  That’s how I know I should be going in that direction.  Lately I’ve been feeling like those butterflies have been running a little low on fuel.  So I’ve been hungrily collecting imagery, colours, sketches, and daydreams.  Inspiration can come in surprising forms, when you’re open to it.  This is what I call Creative Nectar.

Sometimes experimenting yields nothing I’d deem worthy of an audience.  In fact, at times, all it does is to reaffirm to me the direction that I was already going, refueling those butterflies that were already flocking on their set path.  However, now and again, the experimentation yields a few new gems.  Today my studio is littered with many paintings that have been started but not completed.  I’m giving myself permission to fiddle with ideas, and either toss it or paint over it if it doesn’t work.  It can be frustrating but also fun.  I love my sea paintings and landscapes and will continue to circle back to painting those themes and currently have a few in the works.  However, I am looking for something new to add to the repertoire.  Something to feed the butterflies.

Here’s a small taste of what I’ve been doing:

Magnolias always get me in the spring.

Trying out some new shapes.

~ Rachel