Home Visits - Selecting the Right Art For Your Home

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting a client's home with a selection of my paintings to help her choose the right pieces for her space.  This opportunity is often like a dream-come-true for me.  I am so inspired by blank walls, and to envision a custom painting that will harmonize well in it's surrounding environment, or to play and experiment with existing paintings and see how each one informs the "vibe" of the space,  or in the case of multiple paintings - how they play off of and complement each other - is something that I find so rewarding.

While I am a firm believer in choosing the art that you love, regardless of space and decor, the right painting, in the right place can really inform a room and create such impact.

 Translating what you see on a gallery wall or at an art fair, to a wall in your home is not always easy.  Visualizing can be tricky, and sometimes actually seeing a painting on your wall is the best way to make a decision.  Ultimately, I want my clients to feel confident about their purchase, so I am happy to offer this service and to make the experience of acquiring original art work as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

When planning a home visit, preparation is always helpful.

My client had done her homework beforehand, mapping out possible dimensions on her wall.  This is something I like to suggest, especially when considering possible sizes of commissioned work, as it really helps with visualizing.  Just a few strips of green painter's tape will do it.  Moving the strips and "testing" different sizes and proportions is easy this way.

My client had visited me at the One of a Kind Show and been through all the images on my website, so she already knew what she liked.  It was almost uncanny how well the paintings she selected for her living room worked in the space.  She had loved the Foliage, 48''x40'', painting from the start but was uncertain whether it was too big.  Seeing it on the wall reassured us that it was perfect, and it fit in so well with the botanical theme and greens and blues she had going on in her decor.


Colours in a painting's surroundings can really enhance similar tones existing in the artwork.

 My "Meander", 36''x36'', landscape painting was also one she had pre-selected.  Once again, the palette worked so well, especially with the pops of green in the decor.


There is rarely one "right" painting or size/proportion of painting for a space.  

When considering commissioned work, clients often ask me to decide what size painting is "right" for their space. There are so many creative ways you can fill a wall, that often it just comes down to personal preference and budget.  We tried a few horizontal / panoramic format paintings first in my client's dining room, and they all worked really well.  However, in the end she selected my vertical "Above and Beyond", 54''x44'', piece as she loved the composition and palette and we all agreed it provided the most impact in the room.


In the end, I was so pleased with the selection and placement of the paintings in my client's home.  She selected three paintings that were unique enough from each other that they stood well on their own, but at the same time, were very complimentary and flowed so nicely together.

If you are considering purchasing multiple paintings for your home, need some help with your selection of artwork, or want to discuss ideas for commissioned paintings for your space, then a Home Visit might be the best approach to making that acquisition of original art.  

Please feel free to contact me to discuss or set up an appointment.


- Rachel